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NOC Solution for UAE Municipalities

The United Arab Emirates Government sought to acquire a NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) solution that could spatially enable all of its 7 municipalities in order to facilitate the workflow and decision making. Dealing with all 7 municipalities required the synchronization between 90 entities and around 350 account managers with different requests, as well as going through an audit process of 3 levels


Relying on our vast experience and substantial knowledge, we implemented an application using the state-of-the-art technology with the help of partners like Oracle and Siebel to finally deliver an impeccable solution spatially enabling the business role of all the work flows across all municipalities


Key Benefits

  • More accurate selection of projects’ sites
  • Preparation of detailed maps for planning the uses of state land
  • Protecting state resources from waste
  • Providing a mechanism to follow up the projects’ implementation
  • Improve and develop the workflow within different departments


GeoSpatial Database
Through the National Spatial Database Infrastructure, GIS organizations can publish their own data via maps & metadata services, and search for data available at other agencies as well. The NSDI is available to private, public, and commercial users, , in addition to data publishers, and service providers as well. The data services can be used over the internet/intranet for those agencies and organizations that require authorized access to information. Content may be provided in the form of raw data, maps, or metadata services, dealing with for example, lifestyle mapping, climate modeling, real-time weather reports, address geocoding, network routing--the possibilities are endless