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Tracking & Fleet Management

Optimization of public transport is essential for reducing traffic congestion, pollution and other negative features. Rail and Public Transport operators are managing increasingly complex transportation systems, always trying to provide safer and more affordable mobility while at the same time having to deal with issues related to capacity and congestion, operational efficiency and reliability, safety and security. The continuous urge for safe driving and utilization of machinery has been the main driver for deployment of fleet management systems all around the world. Keeping track of moving assets is essential for safety, control, efficiency and to ensure that drivers are acting safely, Fleet management systems help managing staff’s time and improving the way they are using the vehicles, by replaying routes driven on a digital map or reviewing summary reports that highlight who visited particular locations and when, thus improving customer service. Helps also determining precisely how long a vehicle stopped at different locations and how often the locations were visited, data will stored in the system and can be instantly retrieved for viewing and decision making. Fleet management helps enhancing vehicle usage, reducing running costs, evaluating fuel consumption, monitoring sensors (oil pressure, coolant temperature, lights, seat belts…etc), motivating drivers and finally Improving safety

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