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Democracy becomes stronger through fair, transparent elections and legitimate results recognized by all. The will of the citizens is the only factor that should determine the outcome of an election. To make this premise a reality, Alkan offers a turnkey solution empowered with state of the art technologies. Electronic Voting (E-voting) is a term encompassing several different types of voting, embracing both electronic means of casting a vote and electronic means of counting votes. Proven by the most rigorous tests and fully complying with the highest quality standards. From managing voters' address data throughout the year to determining polling locations and delivering election results, digital mapping and spatial analysis can drastically improve the electoral process. Using GIS to deliver critical information to stakeholders including election administrators, legislators and the public, critically supports efficient operations and good communication with the public. On integrating GIS technology with the E-voting solution , voters' locations, Election zones and results could be presented on digital maps, and analysed using GIS capabilities. GIS is the most efficient technology for all aspects of elections: redistricting, managing the logistics of holding elections, supplying information to  voters both before and after an election, and analysing the results of elections. Alkan's turnkey E-voting solution can effectively improve the elections process; streamline flow of information and spatial analysis. Our E-voting solution guarantess multiple audits at every stage, secure tansmission, redundant storage, advanced data recovery, the latest standards in digital security as well as 100% accuracy