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Interactive Distance Learning

Knowledge has always been the core of countries' competitive advantages. Our solutions for Distance learning are specially designed to facilitate dynamic human interaction, with the "give & take" approach that human learning require. Our effective solution is structured around key learning principles, with a highly immersive approach

A presenter or "remote expert" can reach any number of participants, delivering visually- rich, consistent content in a timely and cost effective manner over any broadband network. Combining full motion video, full duplex audio and two way data interaction, Interactive distance learning (IDL) allows organizations, institutes and academies to simultaneously reach trainee/ participant either in a networked classroom using the interactive touchpad or at a desktop PC, all from a single location or server, with the ability to capture both sessions for on demand replay. Widely known as the most scalable solution in the industry, successfully deployed at the Egyptian Ministry of Education, serving over 1500 people

Using the Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) solution, presenters are given complete control of fully interactive sessions. Participants see and hear the presenter and can easily interact using either the interactive touchpad or the desktop client. A central database collects all participants responses to questions and polls, enabling presenters not  only to gauge and maximize comprehension in real time, but also to store session data for later use of measuring and certifying learning participants. IDL is an integral part of an organization's strategy for developing and managing individual performance 

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