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Wireless Connectivity

With traditional copper infrastructure problems, whether being saturated, outdated or simply out of reach, Real estate developers are challenged to eliminate any external factors that may impact the overall system performance and business continuity by maximizing their network independence and minimizing points of failure, they also have to provide smart services that facilitate and enhance quality of living within their residential and busines compounds which requires state of the art technologies implementation. We provide solutions for transmission including, Microwave, Pre-WiMax, Wimax, VSAT Backhauling.

Installation & Commissioning
  • Installation for BTS / BSC equipment
  • Installation MW dishes, cables and accessories
  • Commissioning works by certified engineer
Microwave, Pre-Wimax & Wimax
  • Supply and implement Wireless Networks (PTP & PMP)
  • Supply and install Microwave equipment
  • Supply and implement WIFI networks for Enterprise
VSAT Backhauling
  • Provide voice & data services to very remote communities
  • Enable Very fast deployment with very high reliability