Site Requires

Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

By efficiently operating and providing preventive and corrective maintenance services for Oil & Gas companies' remote site elements whether civil, environmental,  telecom or electromechanical, we've been able to empower  the Oil & Gas industry by ensuring ongoing communication, continuous operation and minimal down time

Operation Services

Include managing and enhancing the physical network; incorporating new technologies and enabling new services such as the adoption of GPRS, EDGE and 3G. We provide variety of solutions dedicated for network infrastructure management thus enabling the operators’ decision making, resource optimization, down time minimization and adoption of new technology for Signaling & Switching, Optical transmission and Connectivity

Maintenance Services

include on-site Maintenance whether Preventive, Corrective or Scheduled covering the base station equipment, telecom equipment, transmission and outsource equipment (air-conditions, shelters and their contents, power systems, tower/stub towers, generator sets, etc...) in addition to all site facilities and environment as well as interconnected hardware or devices
Alkan O&M teams include more than 570 master technicians and professional engineers, all backed up with state of the art technologies and technical training, offering 24/7 onsite services, teams include:

  • Mobile maintenance teams on the go team, respond for regular requests
  • Deployment Standby teams respond to Emergency Calls according to standard SLAs, 24x7
  • Site Resident teams operate, monitor, analyze and respond to any situation at critical locations