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Video Conferencing Collaboration

Governmental entities, ministries and municipalities need to maintain communications and confidentiality across their geographically dispersed offices. Alkan CIT advanced professional services and video conferencing solutions enable dispersed governmental entities to hold secure, distance meetings and collaborate with remote colleagues, share important information and reach critical decisions quickly. Alkan CIT features the latest technologies, including HD video conferencing and audiovisual integration, which make video calls as vibrant, collaborative and productive as face-to-face meetings.


Enable people in different locations to collaborate face-to-face as if they were in the same room, This extraordinary experience can improve productivity, accelerate decision making and deliver competitive advantages - all while helping the environment by reducing the need to travel.

Conference Room Solutions

Encompass a range of offerings to meet the needs of any meeting room, from small offices to large boardrooms and auditoriums, specially designed for optimal face-to-face communications and enhance the experience of meeting over video conferencing such that each meeting is seamless and integrated.

Desktop Video Conferencing

Where personal video conferencing solution delivers business quality desktop video conferencing from the convenience of your PC. It works in conjunction with PCs and USB cameras to provide the highest quality video and audio experience, by which you'll be talking, via video, to customers and colleagues around the world. An easy way to communicate face-to-face from office, from home or on the road.

Key Benefits
  • Empowered decision making
  • Reduced business expenses
  • Easy-to-use conference features
  • Efficient training and education