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Satellite Connectivity

Alkan is a pioneer in offering satellite-based communication solutions to the Educational sector in Egypt and the Middle East; we command the leadership position as Communication Service Provider and solution integrator, providing innovative, world class, independent and value added telecommunication solutions through consulting and integration services that empower clients and fulfil their telecommunication needs.

over the years we have built an outstanding array of innovative solutions and services for Educational sector and provided state of the art projects implementation through highly qualified teams of engineers and technicians. we offer a full-featured, high-speed Internet solutions for the  educational sector  throughout Alkan VSAT HUB located at Egypt (6th of October City) that deliver high-speed Internet over Satellite; to enjoy instant access to information, no matter where located, much like the terrestrial DSL service, with the ability to connect to other locations across the country or worldwide, enjoying  Internet connectivity, using voice services through our dedicated PSTN numbering schema, and deliver all communication needs, our solutions clould be also used as a Satellite backup to ensure continuity in case of any breakdown or cut in their traditional voice or data networks

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