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Money Transfer Vehicles Tracking

Since the consequences of illegal activities do not prevent them, therefore the only available path to pursue is to continue to find ways to recover from theft and catch those who are responsible. By implementing a GPS tracking system in money transfer vehicles, the exact route of the vehicle could be monitored from origin to destination to ensure safety, monitor driver’s behavior and avoid any unwanted deviations, furthermore, money containing bags could also be equipped with GPS devices to define their exact locations individually, this methodology would effectively help in restoring stolen money on unusual circumstances when robbers could succeed in stealth, however they cannot get far and would easily get caught and money restored, simply by slipping a GPS tracking device in the bag handed by the robbers to put money in, the signals the device emits would easily lead the police straight to the robbers.

To avoid threats of robbery and terrorism, the money transfer vehicle could be equipped with a wireless cameras system that captures the full scene along the route from origin to destination and directly transfers it to a central security monitoring room

Key Benefits
  • Tracking transfer vehicle from origin to destination
  • Monitoring the route, stops, driver’s behavior
  • Deviation detection
  • Stolen money recovery