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Border Surveillance

Border protection plays a critical role in homeland security, along with measures to physically defend the nation's perimeter; therefore governments aim for deploying state of the art technologies to improve border control and protection which is attainable by deploying innovative video technologies. Long range electro-optical /infrared (EO/IR) cameras and IP-centric video solutions play a key role in deterring threats and protecting borders and other critical assets around the nation, could be deployed in fixed locations along the physical borders of the country, at ports and coast guard vessels. High quality live and file-based video can be streamed to dozens of locations over IP unicast or multicast networks for immediate viewing and central control rooms, stabilized cameras that range from single HD to multi-sensor HD and IR systems thus enabling viewing and surveillance of human-size target detection at distances up to 20km, set the standard for image quality, stability, and reliability. Alkan CIT offers state of the art Surveillance solutions that meet the growing need for threat detection, bringing together high quality, crisp images with advanced and user friendly storage, recording devices, along with networking and retrieval mechanisms