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Enterprise Content Management

Thousands of decisions are regularly made across business organizations on daily basis. Each one affects short-term effectiveness and long-term success. Improving the quality of those decisions begins with having the right information which is normally available yet spread across the whole organization in numerous forms of content.

Alkan CIT, offers Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that conquer these challenges by combining the power of content and process to substantially improve the availability and agility of content in your business functions. Enterprise Content Management combines comprehensive content management functions with specialized document management capabilities to gain active control over unstructured corporate assets.

ECM features include Document Management, Managed Storage for Electronic Documents, Document Capturing and Imaging of Paper Based Content, Full Text Document Search, Profiled & Custom Document Search, Versioning and Notifications, Business Process Management, Information Rights Management and Digital Asset Management.

Key Benefits
  • Making Content Active to drive process automation
  • Achieving Real-World results that deliver proven ROI
  • Enabling more informed decisions in less time