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VSAT Connectivity

Reliable, instant connectivity is vital to Oil & Gas industry, as disrupted or delayed communication often proves to be extremely costly and can even pose danger to people, equipment and operations. Connecting multiple, dispersed oil-drilling platforms and operations requires an advanced network that cost-effectively delivers high performance voice, video and data services under adverse and sometimes hostile environmental conditions.

Alkan CIT offers a wide range of turn-key Telecom solutions, utilizing state of the art technologies to cater the specific needs of the Oil & Gas industry needed to seamlessly bridge land-based and remote off shore facilities. Offerings include Dedicated VSAT Connectivity/Services; Hub based VSAT Services, Wireless and Mobile Satellite Connectivity Solutions and Communication towers.

VSAT technology is an ideal solution for isolated locations where no direct connectivity is available while being connected is a must for business continuity. VSAT connectivity is optimum for oil and gas, as most of oil and gas drilling sites are far away from any communication means, it sufficiently solves this problem so that the rig at the end will be a node of the corporate entire network

VSAT Private Networks

Alkan CIT's private VSAT Networks are high capacity networks that provide point-to-point or point to multipoint connectivity for hundreds of different remote sites. Our vast experience in the design, deployment and integration of customers’ required applications into the VSAT networks guarantee unlimited seamless communication. Applications include Voice, Data and Video Streaming, Oil & Gas Applications, Interactive learning/training, SCADA, Help desk, Maritime Solutions, Mobile Networks, Video Conferencing and Surveillance.

Hub based VSAT Services (AlkanNet)

AlkanNet is a full-featured, Internet and telephony solution that utilizes DVBS standard technology to deliver high-speed Internet over Satellite, subscribers enjoy instant access to information no matter where their locations are. Much like the terrestrial DSL service, AlkanNet provides the ability to connect to other locations across the country or worldwide, enjoy internet connectivity, use voice services and deliver all communication needs, it also serves as a Satellite backup solution that ensures business continuity in case of any breakdown or disruption of traditional voice and data networks, by providing two way satellite services for Oil & Gas companies for connecting the head office with remote sites, rigs, wells and pipelines, and secures fully fledged telephony services to local, national and international destinations.

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