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Inmarsat Broadband Solutions

Mobile Satcom connectivity solutions that guarantee seamless connectivity everywhere around the globe, with  Land, Maritime & Aeronautical mobile solutions, providing telephony and data services to users worldwide, via portable or mobile terminals which communicate to ground stations through eleven geostationary telecommunications satellites. Inmarsat's network provides communications services to a range of governments, aid agencies, media outlets and businesses with a need to communicate in remote regions or where there is no reliable terrestrial network, offerings include the BGAN family and Isat phone handsets 

"BGAN Family" is a set of IP-based shared-carrier services (Land Solutions)

  • BGAN: Broadband Global Area Network for use on land that benefits from the new I-4 satellites to offer a shared-channel IP packet-switched service of up to 492 kbit/s and a streaming-IP service from 32 up to X-Stream data rate which delivers the fastest, on demand streaming data rates from a minimum of 384 kbit/s up to around 450 kbit/s. Most terminals also offer circuit-switched Mobile ISDN services at 64 kbit/s. BGAN service is available globally on all I-4 satellites
  • Fleet Broadband (Maritime Solutions): A range of Fleet Broadband terminals with different data rates (FBB-150, FBB-250, FBB-500) that provides affordable IP communication on board for Seafarers as ships are becoming an integrated part of the office infrastructure, raising demands for better data rates and improved connections
  • Inmarsat-C (Maritime Solutions): effectively this is a "satellite telex" marine terminal Thrane & Thrane offers an Inmarsat mini-C product range, covering specific needs and services within the field of safety and tracking applications. From regulatory GMDSS installations to advanced tracking-only purposes, including GPS positioning, polling, basic e-mail exchange, Enhanced Group Calling (EGC) and Inmarsat-C maritime distress
  • Swift Broadband (Aeronautical Solution): Swift Broadband (SB) terminals are specifically designed for use aboard commercial, private and military aircrafts
  • Classic Aero: provides voice/fax/data services for aircrafts. Three levels of terminals, Aero-L (Low Gain Antenna) for packet data including ACARS and ADS, Aero-H (High Gain Antenna) for medium quality voice and fax/data at up to 9600 bit/s, and Aero-I (Intermediate Gain Antenna) for low quality voice and fax/data at up to 2400 bit/s

Handheld Voice Services(Isat Phone): provides voice services at 4.8 kbit/s and medium speed fax/data services at 2.4 kbit/s. Coverage is available in Africa, the Middle-East, Asia, and Europe, as well as in maritime areas of the EMEA and APAC coverage

BGAN Terminals

Fleet BroadBand Terminals

FBB 150
FBB 250
FBB 500

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