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Remote Sensing (ENVI)

ENVI is a new, high performance image processing and analysis software solution developed by ITT Visual Information Solutions. ITT VIS is known for creating superior software products that help professionals across industries to access, analyze, and share all types of data and imagery.

ITT VIS mission is to empower people to easily extract useful information from complex data in the pursuit of discovery. ENVI is designed for image analysts and geographic information systems (GIS) professionals.

It combines powerful image analysis tools and seamless integration with Esri’s leading GIS platform, ArcGIS, to streamline image analysis workflows, and allow users to easily extract important information from imagery.

ESRI Northeast Africa is always dedicated to incorporate new technologies and trends with our core GIS business in order to provide our clients with “Complete GIS Solutions”; Esri NeA is now the exclusive reseller in Egypt and Libya for ITT Visual Information Solutions’ products.

This does not only entail software selling, but also extends to include technical support and training services to our customers who wish to purchase ITT products in Egypt and Libya