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Operations Support Systems (OSS)

Realizing the complexity of a Telecom operator’s environment, we had developed a distinctive portfolio of OSS solutions for telecom operators in the region. We have developed experiences over the years based on the network monitoring for signaling networks for all the technologies like GSM, GPRS, UMTS, SIGTRAN, and VoIP in addition to active testing solution to ensure that new services and voice/content delivery are to the subscriber satisfaction. We provide a wide range of innovative fully integrated OSS that includes solutions for Network performance & Troubleshooting, Quality Of Service (QoS) Management, Lawful Interception and Data Retention, Service Fulfillment, Mobile Number Portability, Network Infrastructure Management System and Network Management Systems

Quality of Service Management
  • Measures network performance
  • Simulates subscriber experience in their networks
  • Pinpoints problems proactively and quickly
Network / Service Assurance
  • Provide KPIs and metrics of the network and all network elements
  • Provides KPIs about the services such as Voice Quality, SMS, email, MMS, Video Calls, etc...
Lawful Interception and Data Retention
  • Enables law enforcement and government agencies to effectively gather evidence of illegal activities
  • VoIP Detection
  • assists investigation and reconstruction of past events by analyzing communications Records
Service Fulfillment
  • Enables rapidly creating and cost-effectively delivering advanced network & application services
  • Enables rapid introduction of new offerings such as multimedia applications ensuring customer retention and increasing average revenue per user
Mobile Number Portability
  • Enables customers to switch from one network operator to another retaining their mobile numbers
  • Minimizes signaling hops to provide superior throughput and avoid link congestion and bottlenecks in the network
Network Infrastructure Management
  • Operates, manages and enhances physical network
  • Rollout and Asset Management System
  • Incorporate new technologies and enable new services
Network Management
  • Helps bringing services to market faster
  • Enables consolidating management systems
  • Provides centralized control and a common view of network, services and customers

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