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GIS for ATM & Branch Allocation

In the financial sector competitive environment, Market share and brand recognition alone aren't enough to attract and retain customers. To be more effective, many banks, credit card companies, credit unions, and other financial services organizations are turning to solutions that enable better data analysis, aid future planning and facilitate online collaboration.

Alkan CIT solutions for ATM & Branch Allocation, empower future planning, decision making and geospatial analysis of data, as for online collaboration, state of the art Videoconferencing solutions are offered, that effectively cut down travel costs, enable training and face to face communication.

GIS empowers the financial institutions to be more effective, retain customers, effectively extend services and acquire new customers by effectively integrating, analyzing and displaying location-based data.

Alkan CIT offers a full fledged suite of digital maps and GIS applications bring in the power of “location” to everyday decision making, starting from locating a new branch, routing the shortest path, finding an ideal location for a new ATM as well as efficiently managing and integrating all industry related spatial components into an integrated database, and applying appropriate geographic analysis efficiently in desktop-focused applications. Building Geospatial Infrastructure suite that represents a spatial backbone for the financial sector that empowers the decision making process based on geography and geo-demographics models, sharing knowledge-based decision making across departments

Solution Benefits
  • Spatial customer segmentation
  • New branch and ATM location planning
  • Enhanced collaboration across departments
  • Improved risk understanding, customer interaction
  • Improved profitability and operational performance
  • Enabled spatially empowered territory analysis and economic forecasts
  • Reduced business complexity through accurate analysis of real-world market conditions
  • Increased market understanding based on common geo-extended workflow view of business