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Branch & ATM Wireless Connectivity

Common methods for multiple branch connectivity can be very challenging, where obstacles like roads, highways, and waterways, etc.. can make private wire line connections extremely expensive.

Wireless Connectivity Solutions have proved to be optimum for Financial Enterprises, serving as a transparent communication medium between remote sites and headquarters, they provide secure and reliable connectivity, so that any remotely dispersed branch where no direct connectivity is available, would just act as a node of the corporate entire network. Wireless connectivity solutions support data transmission, deployment of voice and video applications in addition to internet accessibility.

Alkan CIT delivers a wide range of Wireless Connectivity Solutions including VSAT, WiFi, WiMax, Pre-WiMax and Microwave

VSAT Private Networks

VSAT Networks are high capacity Satellite based networks that provide point to point/ multipoint connectivity for hundreds of different remote sites. Our vast experience in the design, deployment and integration of customers’ required applications into the VSAT networks guarantee unlimited seamless communication. Applications include Voice, Data and Video streaming, financial applications, Interactive distance learning/training, Help desk, Mobile Networks, Video Conferencing and Surveillance.

Hub based VSAT Services (AlkanNet)

AlkanNet is a full-featured, Internet and telephony solution that delivers high-speed Internet over Satellite. Subscribers at any location, enjoy internet connectivity and voice services. AlkanNet also serves as a Satellite backup solution that ensures business continuity in case of any breakdown or disruption of traditional voice and data networks, providing two way satellite services for connecting the head office with remote branches and securing fully fledged telephony services to local, national and international destinations. 

Wireless Backhauling (WiMax)

Alkan CIT wireless backhauling solutions, boost several advantages including great availability, low cost of ownership per link, high throughput, great portability and great distances coverage. Additionally, wireless links can provide an inexpensive redundant link to carry voice and data traffic to meet business continuity requirements through the utilization of OFDM technology even in the presence of multipath interference with extremely low latency for time sensitive applications like VoIP and video conferencing

  • Linking multiple dispersed branches together with high-speed connections
  • Extending head office and regional office systems out to branch locations
  • Providing a reliable alternative to Telcos for voice and high speed IP connectivity
  • Enabling branch office PBX and Server connections with head-office like performance

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