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Public Safety

Our communities are exposed to threats way beyond natural disasters or catastrophic accidents, which require governments or authorities to work on rethinking strategies, tactics, and operations comprehensively to ensure the safety and security of citizens and secure assets and properties; which heightens the importance of understanding the systems, infrastructure and the design of everything that contributes to our communities and livelihoods and ultimately our safety and security.

Realizing the vital importance of ensuring national security on a nationwide level, Alkan offers Public Safety turnkey solutions combining state of the art technologies and applications to enable law enforcement, efficient management, integration and analysis of information required to fulfill the critical mission of national security and empowering decision making, incorporated technologies include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), Surveillance and Tracking to provide next generation applications and solutions for Emergency Call Taking and Dispatch (CAD), Automatic Resource Location (ARL), Geospatial Analysis of Events (e.g. tweets, incidents or crimes), Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), Common Operational Picture (COP) and Situational Awareness.