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Traffic Surveillance

Car accidents and traffic congestions are persistent problems that require radical solutions to facilitate the traffic movement and resolve daily jams, usually caused by regularly increasing number of vehicles competing for space that doesn’t easily expand to cater for increased number of daily travellers, other conditions as on road parking, emergencies and construction works, do not help much in reducing the size of that problem. Alkan CIT has developed an integrated wireless surveillance solution for monitoring traffic flow on main roads and highways; the solution empowers traffic police in performing their daily tasks by quickly identifying the traffic jam points, shortest route for accessing accident locations, defining alternatives and providing help, the solution enables accurate monitoring and analysis of vehicles daily movement and quick response to breakdowns and accidents by fixing multiple cameras capturing the traffic movement key locations overlooking the main roads, connecting them over a wireless network and streaming videos to central control rooms where captured data combined with spatial data is presented over live situational digital maps,  further geospatial analysis is applied and solution alternatives provided, useful traffic information could also be provided to road travellers via mobile messages and digital road signs to avoid congestions and take alternative routes in case of emergencies. Traffic Surveillance solution empowers decision making by enabling Jam source identification, quick resolutions for traffic jams, timely response to accidents and emergencies, flow pattern analysis and finally improved passengers’ safety

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