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Situational Awareness

Efficient situational awareness requires obtaining the right information at the right place and time before optimizing it. The dynamic nature of situational awareness pertains knowing and understanding what is happening, predicting how it will change with time, unifying results with the dynamics of the environment in order to achieve desired results, yet the ever-changing circumstances mean a constantly evolving situation or event. Having the ability to understand the severity of those circumstances in advance of or during an emergency can mean the difference between life and death. The ability to predict or model and visualize how the circumstances of a pending or evolving emergency may change over specific times allows emergency managers to allocate resources to priority areas before further damage or loss of life occurs. Alkan CIT solutions for Situational Awareness provide in depth analysis tools that combine together Comprehensive information relevant to the specific location of an incident and related, surrounding areas, as well as the location of public safety resources and personnel, dynamic and spatial data in order to support all phases of situational analysis from preparedness to recovery. Incorporated Technologies include GIS and digital mapping. Features include providing contextualized information in relevance to the current situation and Creating the capability of preventing or responding to a crisis