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Green & Hybrid Power Solutions

Energy saving and Environmental protection are keys to sustainable development, with today's technology, solar energy can be considered as a renewable and a true "green" power source that produces no pollutant / harmful byproducts during conversion process of solar power into usable DC power; a major benefit other than being green and free is the almost zero operational and maintenance costs, solar solutions are suitable for worldwide applications with dependable operation even under the harshest environmental conditions.
When it comes to Telecom sites; Alkan offers a scope of Green Technology that goes beyond safe disposal of used equipment and abiding by regulatory authorities rules; it rather extends to building a green infrastructure where it all begins, Green Power Solutions provide an energy saving source of electrical power for Outdoor / Indoor telecom systems, especially in locations with poor grid availability or totally off grid, it's an optimized hybrid system utilizing natural resources unlike traditional power solutions which are costly, difficult to deploy and required regular maintenance and refueling in addition to high cooling costs and generally not being ideal for remote locations with poor grid availability or complete off grid applications, especially in high temperature regions or other rough weather conditions. 
We offer a variety of Green & Hybrid Power Solutions; aimed at utilizing solar energy to operate any type of site with maximum efficiency and minimum operational costs, moreover our green power solutions guarantee lowest fuel consumption, longer lifetime than conventional solutions, minimum generator running hours and reduced OPEX & short payback period. Offerings include:

Solar Off-Grid solutions
Hybrid [Generator + Batteries] solutions
Hybrid [Generator + Solar + Batteries] solutions