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Bandwidth Optimization

Wide -area networks (WANs) are the backbone of today's distributed enterprises and are critically important to enable ongoing communication for dispersed and mobile workforces. With a variety of broadband technologies competing for market share, high-performance WAN links have become cost-effective for both large and small businesses, yet demands on these pipes still often outstrip their capacity. Augmenting WAN capacity is becoming much easier and less expensive specially when adding a fatter pipe is not an option, WAN optimization appliances can make more efficient use of existing connections and may even yield better performance than merely throwing bandwidth at the problem. Alkan CIT offers a wide range of Application acceleration and WAN optimization products that utilize state of the art technologies to empower organizations with necessary tools needed to improve the performance of applications and services operating over their WAN

Scope of Services
  • Application server consolidation
  • Application performance Improvement
  • Collaborative Web applications
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery applications