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GIS Data Consultancy

Data Analysis

To achieve full understanding of the data needs and potential Geodatabase contents of the client, a physical detailed assessment of the availability, accessibility and condition of the different data input parameters, takes place. These input parameters include the digital and paper maps available, vector datasets of the different themes and types, tabular data associated with the specific geographic locations, available raster images and any other relevant data that would serve the purposes of the client.

Data Visualization

The implementation of a range of different data sources requires careful planning and consideration of a number of data-specific issues. Through this activity, ESRI NeA aims to support the client in answering the following questions:

  • How to efficiently and effectively deploy data sets?
  • How to handle upgrades / maintenance?
  • How to clean and restructure prior to utilization?
  • How to manage format and projection inconsistencies?

ESRI NeA offers its expertise to organizations, assisting them in getting the most out of their data assets and in sourcing additional data, developing personalized data solutions, and providing strategic advice where required, to meet business needs. This strategic advice is specifically provided in the following areas.

Data Processing and Interpretation

Our consultants evaluates existing datasets and sources to get an assessment of their consistency and conditions in order to be able to properly plan for the update, preparation, reorganization and use of these input parameters in the following phases of the project.

Database Management

with regards to geodatabase management issues, our services aim to optimize the performance and management of the client’s geodatabase. We also provide advice regarding data storage requirements and advice on a suitable hardware / software architecture and data model. ESRI NeA Professional Services supports all stages of the geodatabase development process including geodatabase design, data acquisition and integration, pilot studies and prototyping, production tool development, and high volume cartographic mapping services. Our staff members have extensive experience managing the intricacies associated with large-scale urban, regional, natural resource, business, and utility database structures

Data Conversion

We also provide advice as regards the conversion of geographic data from one format to another