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GIS Data Services

Integrated GIS Data production Services including data collection, conversion and creation, from our supply of up-to-date mapping to the integration of map-based information with database records. Up to date, we have covered most of the populated parts of Egypt as well as of many neighboring countries such as Sudan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Libya, Namibia, in addition to a number of African and Arabian countries

Geospatial Data Consultation

insuring data interoperability according to international standards, helps improving organizations’ competitive position, organizing database archieves and workflows and adding value to power system holdings. Servives include Quality Control/ Assurance, Field Quality Control/ Assurance, Data Production Standardization, Data management, workflow organization and Project Planning & coordination

Geospatial Data Production

A wide range of maps with different scales and types, all compliant to ISO international standards. Production cycle includes Data Acquisition, Collection of Ground Control Points, Digitization, Surveying, Data Collection, Data Entry, quality Control and data cartographic visualization

Photogrametery and Remote Sensing

As the reseller of eurimage and IntaSpaceTurk the sole distributers of Quikbird and IKonos imageries respectively, we provide medium to high resolution satellite imagery, in addition, we also elevate our Remote Sensing services with sophisticated RS Techniques and applicaations

Geospatial Data Management

As the leading GIS company in the Region, mastering data manipulation and conversion using state-of-the-art technology, we offer a bundle of complementary services for effective management of spatial and tabular data all through conversion, organization, editing, integration and enhancement to insure interoperability and reconditioning of data assets with the national and international standards as well as ongoing renewal of databases to match the concurrent changes in real world

Surveying Services

Teams of experienced survying engineers and data collectors collect, revise and send collected data to the client in a span of 48 hour. We challenge ourselfes in accuracy, speed, and prompet response to the clients’ needs