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Telecommunication Towers

In 2005, Alkan started its tower production as a workshop with a total production capacity of 150 ton/ month. Following our regional expansion, Alkan has invested in its tower factory (ATF) in 2007 to support the growth of our international network rollout services across the region. Since early 2007 we operate a modern automated facility using latest CNC technologies & machines, Alkan Tower Factory has succeeded during its short history to become a reliable supplier of premium quality towers, our scope of activities includes tower production (more than 1000 ton/month), establishment of associated infrastructure and related accessories. ATF products’ performance and robustness are the key factors for their regional recognition. To date Alkan CIT designs and fabricates a rich selection of, self supporting and guyed towers, antenna support structures, fences, and tower accessories that are fully compliant with International standards and specifications, as well as customized towers as per client’s specifications, our product range is complemented with full technical support and consultancy services

Production Capabilities

ATF production capacity currently exceeds 1000 ton per month, planned to quickly expand over the coming few years in order to cope with the continuous expansion of the telecom sector transmission lines and steal towers in general in the region.

We are very flexible in terms of accommodating and fulfilling specific clients’ requests for producing simple or combined types of towers with customized specifications. Over the past few years, we has successfully supplied, installed and delivered turnkey tower projects in 16 different countries across the region and contributed to the network expansion of multiple wireless communication and microwave service providers. The leading-edge structural design and civil engineering expertise provided by Alkan team makes it the preferred choice and approved tower supplier for leading GSM operators in the Middle East and Africa

Product Portfolio

Alkan Towers are specially designed to support the ever-changing requirements of the wireless communication industry. Our aim is to fully satisfy customers’ business needs and operational requirements by providing a broad selection of premium-quality, highly developed products and ensuring there is a tower suitable for almost every application. Products include self supporting towers, guyed towers, antenna support structures, fences, and tower accessories in addition to client specific towers as per clients’ specifications. We design and produce three families of towers; two of which are the square and triangular self supporting towers, while the third includes rooftop stub towers, different heights (up to 100 m) and loading capabilities are provided in addition to a wide range of complementary accessories and custom design towers whenever required

  • ATF Family (1) family of square towers with heights ranging from 24m up to 50m
  • ATF Family (2) family of square towers with heights over 60m and up to 80m
  • ATF Family (3) family of triangular stub towers with heights ranging from 9m up to 25m
  • ATF Family (4) family of triangular towers with heights up to 70 m
Recent Additions:
Three leg angular towers with heights ranging from 30 to 50 m, specially designed for medium to heavy loads, the tower is manufactured of high tensile steel with lower weights, lower foundation forces and small base width, features include:
  • Ease of installation 
  • Work platforms
  • Movable rest platform 
  • Combined climbing and inclined cable ladders 
  • Optimized modular design 

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